Fees and Benefits of NEPS membership

The membership fees for 2019 are:

To become a member, please contact us.

Benefits of membership include:

1) Receiving NEPS newsletter.
2) Getting a discounted fee at the Jan Tinbergen European Peace Science Conference.
3) Applying for NEPS awards, namely the Stuart Bremer Award and the NEPS medal.
4) Being eligible for the election to the NEPS Steering Committee.
5) Voting for the election of the NEPS councilors.
6) Voting for the poll of the NEPS medal.
7) Applying to get sponsorship of NEPS on initiatives related to peace science.

Benefits of Institutional membership include:

1) Receiving NEPS newsletter to institutional addresses.
2) Mention on the NEPS website.
3) Getting a discounted fee for individuals affiliated who are willing to join NEPS.