NEPS medal

NEPS manages an annual award for the best publication in Peace Science published by members of NEPS. It is named the
"NEPS MEDAL for the best publication in Peace Science".


Corinne Bara
Publication awarded:
Legacies of Violence: Conflict-specific Capital and the Post-conflict Diffusion of Civil War
2018, Journal of Conflict Resolution 62(9): 1991-2016.

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Carl Erik Knutsen, Havard Mokleiv Nygård, Tore Wig
Publication awarded:
Autocratic Elections: Stabilizing Tool or Force for Change?
2017, World Politics 69(1): 98–143.

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Raul Caruso, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and CESPIC, Ilaria Petrarca, Veneto Banca and Roberto Ricciuti University of Verona, CESifo and GDI
Publication awarded:
Climate change, rice crops, and violence: Evidence from Indonesia, 2016, Journal of Peace Research, 53(1): 66–83.

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Vincenzo Bove, University of Warwick and Tobias Böhmelt University of Essex and ETH Zürich
Publication awarded:
Does Immigration Induce Terrorism, 2016, Journal of Politics, 78(2): 572-587.

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Guy Grossman, University of Pennsylvania, Dan Miodownik, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Devorah Manekin,Arizona State University
Publication awarded:
The Political Legacies of Combat: Attitudes Toward War and Peace Among Israeli Ex-Combatants, 2015, International Organization, 69(4), pp, 981-1009.

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Petros G. Sekeris, Portsmouth University.
Publication awarded:
The Tragedy of the Commons in a Violent World, 2014,RAND Journal of Economics, 45(3): 521-532.

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Lars-Erik Cederman, Center for Comparative and International Studies, ETH Zürich, Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, University of Essex, and Halvard Buhaug, Peace Research Institute Oslo.
Publication awarded:
Inequality, Grievances, and Civil War , Cambridge University Press, New York.

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Marijke Verpoorten, Institute for Development Policy and Management IOB and University of Antwerp Political Geography.
Publication awarded:
Detecting hidden violence: The spatial distribution of excess mortality in Rwanda , 31(1): 44-56.

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Rules governing the NEPS medal are enlisted below:

  1. To be eligible for the NEPS medal, authors must be NEPS members at the time of nomination.

  2. Articles must be nominated by a NEPS member (self-nominations are encouraged).

  3. Authors can submit only one publication nominations for the NEPS medal.

  4. Publications can be either articles or monographs (edited volumes and textbooks are not eligible). The publication must have been published between January and December of the previous year.

  5. The NEPS Medal is awarded by means of a poll among all members of NEPS. However, nominated authors cannot participate in the poll.

  6. Once the candidate publications are disclosed, each NEPS member can rank up to publications according to a decreasing point scale 10, 6,5,4,3. The final ranking will be the sum of the overall points by publication.

  7. Submissions should be sent to the email address: [email protected]. The votes will be tallied by the NEPS secretary and certified by one independent supervisor, designated by the steering council, who is not a nominee for the NEPS medal.

  8. The publication rewarded with the NEPS medal will be announced at the Jan Tinbergen European Peace Science Conference. The author of the winning publication must attend the Jan Tinbergen European Peace Science Conference to accept publicly the prize, and will be invited to give a presentation based on the publication at the following annual conference.